Richard Hammond and James May opted to see if they could convert the failed Reliant Robin into the most complicated of all spacecraft, the space shuttle. They approach the UK Rocket Association, owing to their previous success with the Rocket Mini, for their creation. Owing to the fact, that it probably wouldn’t work, the Reliant Shuttle was unmanned and attached to the main booster and fuselage of a fairly standard rocket module.

Planning to launch at Clanning Military Training Ground 53 miles north west of Newcastle, the Rocket is first assembled before the Reliant Space Shuttle is attached. Initially the launch goes well with the two rocket boosters leaving the main fuel tank, however disaster soon strikes, as the Reliant Shuttle and fuel tank fail to separate and spear out of control, slamming and exploding into the ground.


Key Features:

  • External Flight Model (EFM).
  • Detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom cockpit.
  • Interactive clickable cockpit.
  • Detailed PBR textures. 
  • Driveable Reliant Robin.
  • Automated launch sequence.
  • Customizable onboard music player.
  • Tail hook equipped.
  • Stig Bobblehead!


Updated 6-20-22