DCS: F-100D Super Sabre 

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Updated: June 14, 2023


Art Progress*


Code Progress*


F-100D Progress*

*Please note these numbers (Subject to Change) are both estimates and apply equal weight to art and code.


F-100D Base Module

In ProgressExternal Flight Model

In ProgressJ57 Engine

In ProgressFuel System

In ProgressHydraulic System

TestingElectrical System

TODODrag Chute System

TODOExternal Sounds

In ProgressCockpit Sounds

Weapon Systems

In ProgressMissile Control Panel

In ProgressA-4 Gunsight

TODOLow Altitude Bombing System

TestingPylon Control Panel

TODOArmament Control Panel


TestingAWRS Control Panel

Aircraft Systems

In ProgressCockpit Instruments

In ProgressCockpit Warning Lights

In ProgressEngine | Flight Control Panel

TestingARC-34 Command Radio

TestingAN/ARN-6 Radio Compass

In ProgressJ4 Compass System

In ProgressARN-72 TACAN Radio

TestingAN/APX-72 IFF System

TestingGun Cameras

TODODCU-9/A Control Tester

In ProgressAir Conditioning System

TestingSeek Silence System

In ProgressLighting System

TestingCircuit Breakers

TestingOxygen System

TODONavigation Computer (Fowler)