DCS: F-100D Super Sabre 

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Updated: July 5, 2024

Elapsed Time: 686 Days


Art Progress*


Code Progress*


F-100D Progress*

*Please note these numbers (Subject to Change) are both estimates and apply equal weight to art and code.


F-100D Base Module

TestingExternal Flight Model

TestingJ57 Engine

TestingFuel System

TestingHydraulic System

CompleteElectrical System

TODODrag Chute System

In ProgressExternal Sounds

In ProgressCockpit Sounds

Weapon Systems

TestingMissile Control Panel

TestingA-4 Radar Gunsight

In ProgressLow Altitude Bombing System

CompletePylon Control Panel

In ProgressArmament Control Panel


CompleteAWRS Control Panel

Aircraft Systems

TestingCockpit Instruments

In ProgressCockpit Warning Lights

In ProgressEngine | Flight Control Panel

CompleteARC-34 Command Radio

CompleteAN/ARN-6 Radio Compass

CompleteJ4 Compass System

CompleteARN-72 TACAN Radio

CompleteAN/APX-72 IFF System

In ProgressGun Cameras

In ProgressDCU-9/A Control Tester

In ProgressEnvironmental Control System

CompleteSeek Silence System

In ProgressLighting System

CompleteCircuit Breakers

CompleteOxygen System

CompleteNavigation Computer (Batori)

Flight Model Tests