The Extra 330 is a German-made aircraft that was designed lighter, faster, and more maneuverable than its competition.

The all composite Extra 330 is the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the world with a maximum speed of 253mph and a load factor of +/- 10 G’s. There is virtually no limit to what the plane can do.  

The Extra 300SR is a modified aircraft using a specially designed high-lift wing for the Red Bull Air Race World Series.


Key Features:

  • External Flight Model (EFM) by Aero.
  • Detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom cockpit.
  • Interactive clickable cockpit.
  • Male and Female pilot models.
  • Air Racing LED Indicator and LCD Display.
  • Aerobatic smoke system.
  • Authentic aircraft sounds true to life.
  • Customizable onboard music player.
  • Additional liveries.
  • Photoshop Paint Kit.


Updated 7-18-21