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What version of the F-100 are you developing?

We are developing a “Project High Wire” F-100D Super Sabre.

What did “Project High Wire” add to the F-100’s?

The major “Project High Wire” upgrades include; instrument modifications and relocations, the addition of RHAW (Radar Homing and Warning) equipment and combat documentation cameras, upgraded IFF, TACAN and ADF systems along with upgraded weapons control and release panels. 

Will the infamous “Sabre Dance” be implemented?

Yes, the F-100D was fitted with a larger wing and taller tail fin that eased the “Sabre Dance” handling characteristics but did not completely eliminate the issue.

Any possibility for an earlier F-100D to be made after the current variant?

While it’s not off the table, an earlier version isn’t currently a part of our plan. However, it is something to circle back to when we get further into development, and can gauge the community’s interest in it.

Are you planning on doing other variants of the F-100?

At this time we are completely focused on delivering the “High Wire” F-100D. Due to major differences between the F-100 variants, development of an F model for example would be an entirely new project, including changes in art, code, and systems.

How in depth will the damage model be?

The damage model will feature levels of destruction as well as system failures. We can speak more on individual systems as we progress further into development. 

Will there be an option to remove the refueling probe?

Yes, we will provide an option in the mission editor to remove the refueling probe.

Will there be an option to remove the RHAW gear?

Yes, we will provide an option in the mission editor to remove the radar homing and warning equipment.

Are you planning on modeling the tail hook for the F-100D?

Yes, the F-100D did indeed have a tail hook and it will be modeled.

Do you plan on recording the engine sounds from an airworthy F-100?

Yes, we are working on getting access to a civilian owned F-100F.




Can you provide a list of planned weapons for the F-100D?

Any new weapons added to DCS World must either be created by Eagle Dynamics or reviewed by them to ensure quality and weapon consistency across DCS World. Until this is accomplished, it is too early to discuss new weapons.

Will the AGM-12 Bullpup be available?

No, unfortunately only 65 F-100’s were outfitted to fire the Bullpup. “Project High Wire” upgrades also removed the AGM-12 control panel to make room for the upgraded armament panel. Hun pilots also reported it was very difficult and dangerous to use, limiting its use in the field. We need to gather more data on the weapon before implementation can be considered.

Was the F-100D equipped with the AGM-45 Shrike?

No, our documents show the AGM-45 was only used on the F-100F models.

Will you model any limitations like pylon g limits? 

Yes, all stores will have accurate airspeed limits.

How advanced are the avionics in terms of bombing?

The F-100D is equipped with the same A-4 Gunsight used in the F-86 Sabre. The sight features radar ranging and manual modes to implement bombs, rockets, missiles and guns.

Any plans to include an AN/ALQ-71 or ECM pod?

At this time no, however some F-100D’s were equipped with QRC-160 electronic countermeasure pods. We will have to work with Eagle Dynamics to see if an ECM pod feature can be implemented.




Are you planning on including the Zero Length Launch System?

While we would love to include it as a feature, currently we do not have enough data on the rocket motors, launch platform and internal cockpit implementation at this time.

Do we have any chance to get an AI KC-97 with F-100D module?

It was not planned at this time. Having said that, it is a valid request, something to consider in the future.

What are the chances of implementing Buddy Refueling?

A buddy refueling feature would not be unique to the F-100 but rather a global feature added to DCS that all 3rd parties and Eagle Dynamics would have to work together to implement. All we can say is we will do our best to make this a reality for everyone one day.



What year do you expect to release the module?

At this time of development it is impossible to speculate on a release date. We are working hard every day to bring the Super Saber to DCS World as soon as possible, and will provide updates, and possibly estimates, when we are closer to launch.

Will it be early access or do you intend to release the module feature complete?

The plan is to release the module as complete as possible. Aspirational items such as the zero length launch that are not guaranteed will not delay the release of the module.